We are glad to welcome you to the 2016 Bioinorganic and Catalysis meeting in Marseille. Scientific days will be organized on September the 15th and 16th of 2016.

These scientific days will focus on metals in biology, bioinorganic chemistry and catalysis. This symposium will bring together researchers from the UNICAT cluster of excellence in Berlin (Unifying Concepts in Catalysis) and the community in Marseille (and more generally in France) working in this field.

This symposium will be held in in “Faculté des Sciences de Saint Jérôme” from Aix Marseille Université. more than 15-20 oral presentations will be given and a poster session will be organized on the 15th over lunch time. The program can be found here.


The registration is free but required. Please register here

Scientific committee:

A. Jalila Simaan, Marius Reglier, Thierry Tron, Christophe Léger, Bruno Guigliarelli, Elizabeth Lojou (Marseille) and Matthias Driess, Kallol Ray (Berlin)

Organizing committee:

A. Jalila Simaan,  Christophe Decroos, Vincent Fourmond, Christophe Léger, Pierre Rousselot-Pailley, Bruno Faure